XLC cleat set PD-X05 fits XLC Look pedals, 0°, black

SKU: 2501890800


Pedal as powerfully as possible with the XLC PD-X05 plate sets for LOOK systems. The cleats bind your shoes to the pedals, resulting in minimal energy lost from your legs to your cranks. They achieve this by encouraging you to pull on your pedals as well as push down, making for a rounder tread and optimisation of energy transfer. Keeping your feet locked in place further helps to keep you stable on the bike, even when pedalling harder or shifting your weight more frequently.The XLC PD-X05 cleats have a look adapter, making them compatible with the majority of bike shoes. Suitable for XLC system pedals.


Key Feature 1
cleat sets, in pairs
Key Feature 2
suitable for XLC system pedals
Key Feature 3
Look Keo compatible 0°