XLC chainguard CG-K01 42-44 teeth, smoke, for fixed axle

SKU: 2502825000


Protect yourself and your machinery with the XLC CG-K01 chain guard. Ensure the safety of yourself and your bike with this attractive smoke-coloured chain guard. It will keep stones, mud, and dirt away from your chain when out on the trails. Nothing is more frustrating than stopping your journey to clean and service your chain. Installing this dependable chain guard will reduce the need for more frequent chain maintenance, leaving you free to enjoy the trails. The XLC CG-K01 chain guard is compatible with chains that have 42-44 or 46-48 teeth. Designed to be used with fixed axles. Suitable for use with distance cranks or 6-16 mm chainrings.


Key Feature 1
chain guard for 42-44 teeth or 46-48 teeth
Key Feature 2
for fixed axle
Key Feature 3
suitable for distance crank/chainring 6 - 16 mm