XLC chain CC-C03 1/2 x 11/128, 114 links, 10 speed

SKU: 2501000800


Probably the most important component on any bike is the chain. Without it, you cannot hope to turn the gears, nor propel your bike forward. This high-quality XLC Chain CC-C03 is for 10-speed groupsets – meaning there should be ten cogs on the rear cassette – suitable for city, trekking, MTB and road bikes.The chain features an exterior clip with chemical nickel-plating to optimise high-quality corrosion protection and you can’t ignore its brilliant optical appearance. It is available with 114 and 136 links and the chain’s dimensions are 1/2 x 11/128 and with a pin length of 5.9mm. It comes with a quick-release fastener to ensure replacing it is fast, simple and stress-free.


Key Feature 1
chain for 10-speed gearshifts
Key Feature 2
exterior clip with chemical nickel-plating for high-quality corrosion protection and brilliant optical appearance
Key Feature 3
1/2" x 11/128", 114 links
Key Feature 4
pin length: 5.9 mm
Key Feature 5
incl. quick-release fastener
Connecting link type
With connecting link
Link width [inch]
Number of gears