XLC chain CC-C01 1/2 x 3/32, 114 links, 6/7/8 speed

SKU: 2501000400


A bicycle is nothing without its chain, vital for connecting the pedals with the gears that drive you and the bike forward. The chain is responsible for transferring varying pressure through the drivetrain, so it needs to be strong, durable and hard-wearing through all conditions.This XLC Chain CC-C01 is designed for 6, 7 and 8-speed gear shifts, that is, for bikes with between six and eight cogs on the rear cassette. The chain features an exterior clip with chemical nickel-plating to ensure high-quality corrosion protection, not to mention a brilliant visual appearance. Its dimensions are 1/2 x 3/32, with 114 links, and with a pin length of 7.2mm. The chain comes with a quick-release fastener to make replacement and changeover as quick and easy as possible.


Key Feature 1
chain for 6/7/8-speed gearshifts
Key Feature 2
exterior clip with chemical nickel-plating for high-quality corrosion protection and brilliant optical appearance
Key Feature 3
1/2" x 3/32", 114 links
Key Feature 4
pin length: 7.2 mm
Key Feature 5
incl. quick-release fastener
Connecting link type
With connecting link
Number of gears