XLC bottom bracket 127mm, BSA, JIS, square

SKU: 2502811200


The XLC Inner Bearing BB-J01 is a threaded bottom bracket suitable for bikes with BSA 68mm threads. Suitable for a wide range of bikes, from mountain to kids to road, it is manufactured to the highest certification (EN14766) and will promote smooth pedalling over many miles. Made in Germany, the XLC Inner Bearing BB-J01 uses sealed ball bearings to protect them from dirt and water ingress. They also come with extreme corrosion protection due to the A2B-DeltaColl® galvanising process. The bottom bracket is a part that you only notice when it starts to fail. Prolong your bike’s life with regular maintenance and a good quality bottom bracket such as the BB-J01 for many happy miles.


Key Feature 1
made in Germany
Key Feature 2
highest certification according to EN14766 (MTB), can be mounted into all kids’ bikes, City/Trekking or MTBs
Key Feature 3
best and constantly high rotation properties thanks to special sleeve construction
Key Feature 4
highest corrosion protection due to exceptionally high-quality A2B-DeltaColl® galvanising
Key Feature 5
ideal fit in bottom bracket casing by special, left adapter with functional shoulder (FS-Cup)
Frame/cup connection
Crank axle length [mm]
Crank axle mounting width [mm]
Crank/cup connection