XLC bell Mingun DD-M09 birds, Ø 66mm

SKU: 2500704101


Available in a variety of modern designs and colours, the XLC Bicycle Bell Mingun DD-M06 is designed to aesthetically accentuate your bicycle as well as protect you from unwanted collisions. Compatible with handlebar diameters of up to 22.2mm, the DD-M09 can be easily attached to most adult bikes.This lively bell with its classic ‘ding dong’ isn’t one to fade into the city din. The extra-loud tone makes sure it’s good value for money. Distinctive in both style and sound you can be sure this bell works well.


Key Feature 1
large bell
Key Feature 2
bar mounting Ø 22.2 mm
Key Feature 3
extra loud ding-dong tone
Key Feature 4
available in modern designs
Key Feature 5
diameter: Ø 66mm
Diameter in mm