XLC bell DD-M12 green transparent, Ø 36mm

SKU: 2500704504


The XLC DD-M12 Bicycle Bell is the perfect addition to your beloved bicycle. Available in a range of eye-catching colours, you're sure to find the ideal colour to match seamlessly with your frame while making a new addition to your cockpit. Known as a rotating bell, the XLC DD-M12 Bicycle Bell uses a 22.2 mm clamp and rings out when the bell's body is rotated around its axis. Whether you thrash down the trails on your mountain bike or take the family out on bridle paths at the weekend, it's always important to be heard and to alert others of your presence with a gentle ring of the XLC DD-M12 bicycle bell. Be safe, be heard, and be courteous when out on your bike with a bar-mounted bell.


Key Feature 1
transparent sound body 
Key Feature 2
clamp: Ø 22.2mm 
Key Feature 3
rings by rotating the sound body
Key Feature 4
diameter: Ø 36mm
Diameter in mm