XLC adapter plate Carrymore II suitable for XLC system carrier

SKU: 2500604002


Carry your luggage securely with the XLC Carry More Adaptor Plate 5:1 BA-X20. This adaptor plate allows you to transform your on-bike luggage to be used with carriers in the XLC Carry More Series I and II. It works with XLC 5:1 bags and other bags and baskets. It also includes replacement pins for the Carry More I system. The Carry More system enables you to equip your bike with our extremely easy to use and durable mounting system for a wide range of products. Whether you’re an urban rider, a commuter, or a cyclist looking to start bikepacking, there is a luggage option for you from our extensive range.


Key Feature 1
suitable for carriers in XLC Carry More Series I & II
Key Feature 2
for XLC system carriers
Key Feature 3
suitable for XLC 5:1 bagsfor baskets, bags, etc.
Key Feature 4
incl. replacement pins for Carry More I