XLC A-head spacer black, 10mm, 1 1/8"

SKU: 2500532030


The AS-A04 A-head spacer from XLC is a collection of aluminium spacers. The spacers are perfect to use when you adjust the height of your handlebars. A small but crucial component, you can slide spacers onto your forks steerer tube and determine how your bike fits. This will then have a knock-on effect on how comfortable and efficient your on-bike position is. As a result, the XLC AS-A04 spacers are best used on city, trekking, mountain, road and race bikes. The spacers come in a sleek black befitting of any bike style and are available in a width configuration of either 1 inch, 1 1/8 inch or 1.5 inch, 10 mm. As well as these widths, they also come in heights of 2, 5, 10 and 20 mm.


Key Feature 1
a-head spacer made of aluminium