Discover all the advantages of our new Bike Carrier!

The time has come: The XLC Bike Carrier Almada Work-E is finally here! This bike carrier and work stand combination is a groundbreaking innovation made by XLC. The Almada Work-E makes transporting up to two e-bikes super easy with its extra-wide wheelbase. Smaller repairs and maintenance can also be carried out on the go with its integrated work stand.

XLC thus offers everything which guarantees cycling lovers an even more comprehensive riding experience.

The XLC Almada Work-E as a Bike Carrier

As a bike carrier, the XLC Almada Work-E offers space for up to two e-bikes with a tyre width of up to 75mm / 2.8“ and a maximum weight of 30kg each. E-mountain bikes can be transported easily with the XLC Bike Carrier Almada Work-E. A loading ramp (available separately) facilitates the loading of the bikes.

The XLC Almada Work-E is foldable to luggage size and can be transported easily thanks to its integrated wheels and handle. It is installed on the tow coupling. The LED rear light offers perfect visibility in road traffic even at dusk or at night. The XLC Bike Carrier Almada Work-E tilting function allows effortless access to the car boot.

Mounting your e-bikes onto the XLC Almada Work-E is just as easy. The fastening straps on the tyre rails can be adjusted in 3 positions, guaranteeing a simple and secure wheel mounting. The wheelbase can be adjusted individually thanks to movable wheel straps. The ratchet (tightening) function of the wheel straps means that your e-bikes are mounted in no time.

The XLC Almada Work-E is of course equipped with the Modular Rail System (MRS). This means that various accessories, e. g. the XLC Rail Lock, can be installed on the XLC Bike Carrier Almada Work-E. Your e-bikes are therefore quickly and safely prepared for new adventures.

The XLC Almada Work-E as a Work Stand

Flat tyres and other small troubles endanger your entire trip – but not with the XLC Bike Carrier Almada Work-E! Its integrated work stand is specifically designed for full suspension carbon frames and its wide wheel rails allow minor repairs on the spot and thus guarantee your full flexibility and autonomy. The bike gripper is lockable and compatible with bike tubes with a diameter between 25 and 80mm made of alloy, carbon or steel.

The XLC Bike Carrier Almada Work-E was certified by RDW (and TÜV) and is approved for a maximum speed of 130km/h.

Where to Buy the XLC Bike Carrier Almada Work-E

XLC serves a wide network of dealers throughout Europe. To make it easier for you to find a suitable dealer, we provide you with a Store Locator in addition to all information about the XLC Bike Carrier Almada Work-E. This will help you find your new Almada Work-E and set off on new adventures.