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As we don’t sell our products directly, but rather through our retail partners, you will not find a shopping function on our website. You can find your nearest XLC dealer via our Store Locator.

As we do not offer direct distribution to end customers, we cannot provide any price information. The right contact persons are our retail partners. You can find your nearest XLC dealer via our Store Locator.

You can find information about all common spare parts on our website. If you need spare parts you can’t find on our website, you should contact your local XLC dealer. Our dealers are also responsible for the distribution of XLC spare parts.

For some parts, cross-brand compatibility solutions are available. Special parts can also be procured but might come with longer procurement times. Your local XLC dealer will support you.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you any information about the availability or delivery time of the product you are looking for. Please contact your nearest XLC dealer.


The original seller, as your contractual partner, is always the right person to contact in order to make a claim under the statutory liability for material defects. Therefore, you should file your request via your specialist dealer/seller within the legal warranty period of 2 years.

We ask for your understanding that we cannot provide any remote diagnoses of safety-relevant products.

Many of our products require basic knowledge of bicycle mechatronics for installation, maintenance, or repair. For this reason, you should contact your seller who will assist you with the further procedure.

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You can find the nearest dealer via our dealer search.

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If you are interested in selling XLC products in your shop, our specialist wholesaler will be happy to receive your inquiry.