Racing cyclists, mountain bikers, city commuters or leisure riders, we all have something in common: LOVE CYCLING. – we love being out on our bikes, no matter where. That’s why protecting an intact environment we ride through on our bikes is a top priority for us.

Both in our leisure time and at work we represent values such as protecting our environment and ensuring social compatibility. It is important to XLC to display these values to the outside world: We want to live up to the social responsibility of our company in the sense of sustainable business.

What do we mean by sustainable business?

  • Acting responsibly in all areas of the production and delivery chain and the market

  • Employee-centric personnel policy

  • Economical use of resources to protect both environment and climate

What does sustainable business look like at XLC?
A major concern to XLC in the sense of CSR is the avoidance of plastic waste. Previously all our products were packaged in plastic; in most cases this isn’t necessary since there is no danger of the products being scratched. We have introduced a policy across the board to do away with this unnecessary packaging.

We now use recyclable materials! For example, in our header cards which are already made of 80% recycled cardboard or in our products themselves, e.g. the XLC water bottle made of sugar cane and 100% recyclable.

All our products manufactured in Germany or Europe are labeled “Made in Germany/Europe” to make them stand out. Short transport distances mean fewer emissions. Manufacturing in your own country ensures economic stability and protects jobs. These are extremely important criteria which will play a key role in future in our product management when developing new products and expanding our range.

More activities are at the planning stage which will not only make our products more sustainable but your purchase also, e.g. with an XLC shopping bag made of material available from your bicycle dealer for carrying your purchases and supporting a charitable cause at the same time.