XLC Replacement Grip--Tape-Set convient pour PD-M21

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The XLC PD-X16 grip tape set is a spare for the tape found on PD-M21 flat pedals. The sandpaper base is applied to both sides of either pedal and fit nicely with the sleek aesthetic of the PD-M21’s. Having a spare set like this is useful in the long run, as after sustained use, the strips will begin to wear down and gradually become less effective. Always keep the grip by having a few of these sandpaper bases in your spare kit arsenal. The XLC PD-X16 grip tape set for the PD-M21 flat pedals is useful as, like on a skateboard, it is designed to improve traction on the surface. This means that in non-traditional cycling footwear, you can still find traction on the pedals.


Caractéristique Principale 1
spare set grip tape to fit XLC pedal PD-21