support éclairage avant XLC CL-X03 compatible avec éclair. Triton/Europa

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The XLC CL-X03 front light bracket is a lightweight bracket at 91 g for the Triton and Europa front lights. The simple ratchet, loop and clamp design secures the light safely to the handlebars and reduces the amount of space taken up on the cockpit. Made from a synthetic material, the CL-X03 bracket is easy to use and means that the Triton and Europa lights can be used on each and every type of bike, from road speedsters to trail-shredding mountain bikes. The trigger system means that no additional tools are needed for the bracket fastenings application. This also means that you can have the XLC CL-X03 front light bracket permanently attached to your front light, both on and off the bike.


Caractéristique Principale 1
front light mount for XLC front lights Triton and Europa
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