rétroviseur XLC MR-K22 serrage intérieur, rond Ø 62mm

SKU: 2503250065
25,95 €


With a variable internal clamp between 14.8 mm and 22.5 mm, the XLC bike mirror MR-K22 is sure to fit perfectly with your choice of flat handlebars. The sturdy aluminium inner clamp couples with a nylon shell and rod, making it a sturdy and secure option for commuters and city riders. The shatterproof mirror features ‘Blue HD’ technology, which helps reduce dazzle from car lights and features 60% light transmission factor, meaning that even in the low light of a city evening, you can still keep track of what’s around you, and the added reflector will keep you visible to others. As well as this, a 180-degree folding angle and 360-degree rotational ability allow the angle to be fully tuned to your bike and riding style for optimum visibility.


Caractéristique Principale 1
for handlebar inner clamp 14.8-22.5 mm
Caractéristique Principale 2
aluminium clamp, nylon shell, nylon rod
Caractéristique Principale 3
shatterproof 'Blue HD’ mirror, blue tinted
Caractéristique Principale 4
anti-dazzle function, 60% light transmission factor
Caractéristique Principale 5
3D adjustable, 180° folding angle, 360° rotatable