porte-bagages XLC carry more noir pour fixation tige de selle

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Take your essentials everywhere with this convenient XLC System Carrier Carry More for Seatpost mounting RP-R12. This easy-to-use carrier can be attached to your seat post without the use of tools. The precision-welded aluminium makes for a carrier with a great strength to weight ratio, meaning it can support weights of up to 10kg while only weighing 822g itself. The aluminium alloy makes for a sturdy accessory – it won’t bend or break, unlike traditional steel wire carriers. The RP-R12 includes a spring flap, a mechanism using a spring to attach luggage quickly and easily. It also features a special bracket to hold a tail light. The carrier is suitable for the XLC Carry more system.


Caractéristique Principale 1
suitable for XLC Carry more system accessory 
Caractéristique Principale 2
dimensions of storage surface: 380 x 105mm, Ø 10mm