poignées XLC GR-S29 135/92mm, marron, cuir

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The XLC Grips GR-S29 combine a vintage look with modern thinking to create a retro grip that is supremely comfortable. The ergonomically designed grips are made of real leather and are completed with classy hand-sewn ornamental seams. A hand-rest is also provided to relieve the pressure on your rest during a long ride. These stylish grips are available in short-long and long-long versions. The short-long pair comes in 135mm and 92mm lengths and is available in both brown and black leather. Also available in both colourways, the long-long variation is 135mm long.All variations fit a 22mm diameter bar and include screw stops for easy mounting and a secure hold. This provides a solid hold on the handlebars so that the grips do not slip under pressure. Stylish, practical and comfortable, the XLC Grips GR-S29are everything you could ask for and more from a retro yet ergonomic grip.


Caractéristique Principale 1
ergonomic shape
Caractéristique Principale 2
Caractéristique Principale 3
screw locking for easy mounting and firm fit
Type de poignée
Tour De La Ville
Incl. La bague de verrouillage
Incl. Bouchons de guidon
Longueur en mm