mini-sonnette XLC rétro DD-M26 laiton

19,95 €


The XLC DD-M26 mini bell retro is a very small bicycle bell with a stylish retro look. Made from copper with a brass body and weighing a mere 28 g, this 27 mm bell fits perfectly on the handlebars of any bike and leaves plenty of room for other accessories whether you’re cruising through the city, out in the mountains or shredding in the woods. The bells pleasant ring tone provides a songful reminder to anyone in your area that you are coming. The retro brass colour of the bell particularly suits city bikes and stands out on the cockpit. The XLC DD-M26 mini bell retro attaches to the handlebars via an easy to handle, flexible mounting loop. This allows the bell to have an attachment diameter range of 19.2 – 31.8 mm.


Caractéristique Principale 1
very small mini bell in modern retro look
Caractéristique Principale 2
flexible loop mounting suitable for Ø 19.2 - 31.8mm
Caractéristique Principale 3
size: Ø 27 mm
Caractéristique Principale 4
brass sound body
Caractéristique Principale 5
pleasant ring tone
Diamètre en mm