levier Remote XLC Blaster SP-X08 pour XLC SP-T/08/10/11/12/13 noir

36,95 €


The XLC SP-X08 remote lever blaster is made to be used with XLC SP-T08/10/11/12/13. CNC machined, this aluminium accessory is lightweight while remaining strong. The material makes for a tough and corrosion resistant piece of equipment – ideal if you’re looking for something long-lasting. The SP-X08 is compatible with handlebar clamps of Ø 22.2 mm. Available in a choice of black or black and silver.


Caractéristique Principale 1
remote lever blaster
Caractéristique Principale 2
suitable for XLC SP-T08 / 10 / 11 / 12 /13
Caractéristique Principale 3
CNC machined
Caractéristique Principale 4
for Ø 22.2 mm handlebar clamp
Caractéristique Principale 5
available in two colours