kit d'entretien XLC pour pédales PD-M12

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The XLC PD-X10 service kit is for use on the mountain bike-ready XLC pedals PD-M12. The kit comprises a steel (CroMo) axle set, end caps, nuts, washers, a set of LSL bearings and a set of ball bearings. Mountain bike pedals like the PD-M12 set can get battered over time as you knock them against rocks and turf. This also causes stress and damage to the pedal bearings, which can become corrupted if dirt and grime get into them. Using a service kit such as the XLC PD-X10 can quickly restore the life of your flat pedals without having to pay for a new set. These tools are simple to use and, after some practice, is a service job that can be managed easily at home.


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Service kit for XLC pedals PD-M12comprising:
Caractéristique Principale 2
CroMo axle set
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end caps, nuts, washers
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set of LSL bearings
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set of ball bearings