huile de chaîne Premium XLC 100ml

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If your chain needs servicing, use this premium chain oil to protect and lubricate your chain. This practical, non-sticky oil is not only lubricating, but it’s also dirt and water repellent – protecting your chain in more ways than one. The XLC BL-W13 chain oil also contains a special adhesive component that prevents the oil from splattering at high speeds. The lubricant is also protective, containing an anti-corrosive to stop your chain from rusting. Using XLC BL-W13 chain oil to maintain your chain helps with reducing squeaking noises and helping stiff parts get moving again. The presence of premium chain oil will help prepare your bike for wet weather, protecting it from developing rust.


Caractéristique Principale 1
effective premium chain oil
Caractéristique Principale 2
dirt and water-repellent
Caractéristique Principale 3
non-sticky oil
Caractéristique Principale 4
a special adhesive component prevents the oil from spattering at high speed
Caractéristique Principale 5