Fouet à chaine XLC TO-S11 avec chaîne, pour chaînes 1/8"

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A chain whip is a must-have tool in any home mechanic’s toolbox. The XLC Sprocket Remover Wranch TO-S11 allows you to quickly and easily remove your cassette, by holding it in place with the attached built in chain, preventing the freehub from spinning as you exert pressure on the lockring. The chain should be compatible with all major brands of groupset including Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM. It’s also usable with bikes of any type, road to electric, mountain to trekking. To effectively remove and service your cassette, you’ll need a cassette remover tool as well as the chain whip, one that’s compatible with your chosen brand of groupset. For Shimano users, there’s the XLC TO-S12 – which is sold separately.


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semi-professional sector
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with chain