éclairage gauche pour porte-vélo hayon XLC Azura Xtra

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The CC-X20 lights for the left from XLC is a lightbar designed to be used with the XLC towbar carrier Azura Xtra. The lights can be attached to the carrier and connected to your car’s lights so that other road users can still see when you are braking, indicating or have your rear lights on. Not only is this good for safety, but it’s a legal requirement in many places if you plan on towing anything. The CC-X20 can only be used with the towbar carrier Azura Xtra from XLC and should be used on the left-hand side of the vehicle, replicating your left sidelights on the road. The lights weigh 373 grams in total, so they are lightweight and essential for your towing needs.


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lighting left for XLC Towbar Carrier Azura Xtra