collier tige de selle XLC PC-B10 Ø 40,0mm hexagonal

11,95 €


The XLC PC-B10 saddle clamp is a lightweight aluminium clamp designed to securely attach your saddle to the seatpost. A reliable choice that offers peace of mind for the entirety of the ride, the aluminium construction makes for a tough and resistant clamp without adding unnecessary weight. While the clamp comes in one fixed size, the outer diameter is customisable. With a clamping height of 14mm, the XLC PC-B10 clamp has a hexagon socket screw for extra security.


Caractéristique Principale 1
Saddle clamp made of aluminium
Caractéristique Principale 2
height: 14 mm
Caractéristique Principale 3
with hexagon socket screw