chambre à air XLC emb. atelier 50 pcs. 20 x 1.5/2.5 40/62-406 SV 33mm 50pcs

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An inner tube helps to inflate your bike’s tyres and keep them pumped up so you can ride comfortably. Depending on your bike and tyres the recommended pressures will vary. This XLC Inner Tube VT-A20 is suitable for city, trekking and mountain bikes with Schrader valve compatibility. The length of the valve is 35mm so it will work with wheels with shallow rims. This particular inner tube is suitable for use with 20” wheels only and tyres of the following sizes: 20 x1.5/2.5 40/62-406. An inner tube is easily installed by removing the tyre from the wheel and placing it around the rim. The tyre is then seated over the inner tube and the tube is pumped up to the recommended pressure.


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