adaptateur XLC Fidlock, côté bidon WB-X0 pour bidons XLC Fidlock Twist connector

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The XLC twist connector Fidlock WB-X05 is an excellent replacement for a side Fidlock adapter. The Fidlock connector system is a great option for those frames, such as mountain bikes, that have limited space to allow for a traditional water bottle cage. The Fidlock system allows bottles to be snapped into place and held securely, even on the roughest and toughest trails. The XLC WB-X05 is ideal for replacing the mount on your existing bottle or to add Fidlock functionality to one that does not feature it. The simple to use system allows you to twist your bottle in and click in place, meaning you can stay hydrated with the peace of mind that your water bottle won’t be going anywhere.


Caractéristique Principale 1
Replacement bottle side Fidlock adapter
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