XLC Tija de suspensión Comp SP-S07 Ø 27,2mm, 350mm, negro, 85-100kg

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The XLC Suspension Seat Post SP-S07 is an expertly designed aluminium mountain bike seat post with built-in suspension for a more comfortable and stable ride over even the bumpiest surfaces. With a secure, patented head mechanism where the saddle sits and adjustable spring tension, the seat post helps reduce the impacts when your wheels roll over trail obstacles like rocks, branches and drops. The seat post’s advanced parallelogram system with MCU absorption dampens the rough ground, making light work of the otherwise technical and changeable surroundings. Variations of the seat post are available depending on the weight of the rider with the suspension technology being optimised for weight classes. The seat post is designed and manufactured in compliance with the ISO standards and comes in three diameters to fit your frame.


Destacado 1
parallelogram system with MCU absorption
Destacado 2
spring tension adjustable
Destacado 3
with ISO City Trekking and MIT
numerous variations available for different riders’ weights
Destacado 5
incl. finger protection
Material de la tija de sillín
Longitud en mm
Caída en mm
Diámetro de la tija de sillín
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