XLC Soporte bici VS-F02 para 1 bicicleta

SKU: 2502606000
39,95 €


Making sure your customers have somewhere to park their bicycles when visiting your store, or even somewhere for you to stand your bike at home is crucial. This XLC Parking Stand For 1 Bicycle VS-F02 provides a stable base for you or your customers to park their bikes. It has a paint-friendly coated socket to hold your bike by its frame, suitable for front and rear wheel storage, while protecting your frame from scuffs and damage. It's a versatile product and can be used as a parking stand or a display stand for you to showcase some of the bikes for sale on the shop floor. It's constructed using steel for extreme durability and is suitable for use with mountain, road, race, and city bikes.


Destacado 1
extremely stable
Destacado 2
paint-gentle coated socket for front or rear wheel