XLC Set guardabarros MG-C39 20-24", negro, 250g

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Replace both your front and rear mudguards with the practical XLC MG-C39 mudguard set. The set includes all the mounting materials and struts you need to install your mudguards securely. Adjustable in length, these mudguards work with you to provide the best protection against mud and spray. The mudguards are compatible with suspension forks and both V- and disc brake systems, making them versatile as well as practical. The front-wheel mudguard attaches to your bike’s steering tube and can extend from 440-510 mm. The rear wheel mudguard attaches to your seatpost and can extend from 540-570 mm.


Destacado 1
Mudguard set
Destacado 2
compatible with V-Brake and disc brakes
Destacado 3
compatible with suspension forks
adjustable length
Destacado 5
length FW 440-510 mm