XLC Puños Silikon GR-S31 130mm, rosa, 100% silicona

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The XLC Silicone Grips GR-S3 are designed with comfort, quality and performance in mind. The 130mm silicone bike grips absorb trail vibrations which in turn relieves the pressure on your wrists. The silicone also adapts to the form of your hand which allows for optimum manoeuvrability. These are qualities desired by mountain bike riders. In fact, they are ideal properties for racing bikes in particular. Fitting a handlebar diameter of 22mm, the 100% silicone bike grips are simple to attach to your MTB bars and provide long lasting grip. Whatever your trail of choice, you can be confident in the knowledge that these grips will perform under pressure and provide the necessary comfort a mountain biker needs.The GR-S30 silicone grips come in a variety of different styles and colours to match your bike. These include red, green, orange, black, blue and yellow variations.


Destacado 1
silicone absorbs shocks perfectly and thus ensures the necessary comfort of the wrists
Destacado 2
extremely high grip
Destacado 3
100% silicone
silicone adapts to the form of the palm and allows ideal maneuverability
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