XLC portabidón Sidecage negro

10,95 €


If you struggle to fit a traditional bottle cage in your frame, or wish bottles were easier to get out, then the XLC water bottle cage sidecage BC-S04 could be a great option for you. Designed specifically for small frames such as a full suspension mountain bike or small framed road bikes, the sidecage technology allows you to pull your water bottle out laterally rather than vertically. This makes it much simpler to extract your fluids when you're parched and want a drink, rather than having to wrestle with your bottle cage. Mounted solidly to your frame using two screws, this can be used on nearly all frames. Make drinking on the go less of a hassle with the XLC water bottle cage sidecage BC-S04.


Destacado 1
for small frame heights
Destacado 2
with lateral opening
Entrada al portabidones
Jaula Lateral
Material del portabidón
Soporte para portabidones
incluido pernos