XLC Pastillas de freno BP-O45 Clarks CMDS, CMD7, CMD12

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The organic compound of the XLC BP-O45 disc brake pads makes them the ideal choice for those who venture out on the bike regardless of the weather conditions facing them. If you’re uncompromising in your riding schedule and need a brake pad that’s going to live up to your demands, then look no further. The BP-O45 is the perfect balance between braking efficiency and long mileage between changes, meaning you’ll be able to stop on a dime while saving them at the same time. Compatible exclusively with Clarks CMDS, CMD7 and CMD12 brake callipers. Having poor brake pads is a disaster waiting to happen, so why not look for the orange pads and be able to ride for longer, in worse weather and with increased confidence between changes.


Destacado 1
1 set of disc brake pads consisting of 2 pads
Destacado 2
rear side of brake pad orange: Organic pad for all weather conditions
Destacado 3
ensures a balanced ratio between braking performance and long mileage
suitable for Clarks CMDS, CMD7, CMD12
Compuesto de pastillas de freno