XLC MTB/Roadrace mirror MR-K25 inner clamping, left/right 6x5,5cm

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If weight and versatility are a top concern for you when buying accessories, then look no further than the XLC bike mirror MR-K25. This mirror was specifically designed to be small and lightweight to perfectly suit the needs of mountain bikes that need optimum performance but still want to be safe when out riding. The shatterproof, blue HD anti-reflective glass keeps your mirror clear and crips even when the light starts to fade, and headlights become dazzling. The mirror is framed by bulletproof designed reinforced nylon making it sturdy and reliable no matter what your riding throws at it. With an adjustable angle and being suitable for both left and right sides of the bike, this is a truly versatile safety item.


Destacado 1
for inner handlebar clamp 16-23 mm
Destacado 2
small, lightweight mirror specially developed for racing handlebars on racing bikes or MTB
Destacado 3
shatterproof blue HD anti-reflective glass
reinforced nylon frame, bulletproof design
Destacado 5
adjustable angle