XLC Guardabarro RT Mudguard MG-C27 26", 27,5", 29" negro

SKU: 2502505310
10,95 €


The XLC MG-C27 adjustable rear wheel mudguard will help prevent spray and mud so you can focus on riding. Simple to attach, this mudguard can be mounted without any tools, thanks to the included convenient quick-release fastener – just clip it onto your seat post. The angle is adjustable, so you can find a position that suits you best. The XLC MG-C27 rear wheel mudguard is suitable for Ø 24-32 mm seatposts and fits wheels of 26, 27.5 and 29 inches. Available on its own or as a set with the MG-C26 front wheel mudguard in the MG-C28 mudguard set.


Destacado 1
rear wheel mudguard
Destacado 2
suitable for seatposts Ø 24-32 mm
Destacado 3
no tools needed to mount, adjustable angle
fits wheel sizes: 26", 27.5", 29" also: XLC Front Wheel Mudguard MG-C26, also available as set MG-C28