XLC Guardabarro-RD Mudguard MG-C23 26-28", negro/antracita

SKU: 2502500800
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Worry less about mud and spray with a front-wheel mudguard to protect you. No longer will you have to go out of your way to avoid puddles or spend endless hours cleaning your machinery with the simple XLC front wheel mudguard MG-C23. Designed to be attached without the use of tools, this mudguard comes with a handy quick-release fastener to mount onto the centring cone. Made of bi-component material, this mudguard is super-strong and break-proof.The XLC front wheel mudguard MG-C23 is suitable for wheel sizes of 26-29 inches and almost all 1-1.5 inch forks. Also available as a set with a matching rear wheel mudguard as MG-C25.


Destacado 1
front wheel mudguard
Destacado 2
break-proof bi-component material
Destacado 3
tried & tested mounting on centring cone with quick release system
suitable for almost all 1”-1.5” forks
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for wheel sizes 26" to 29"also: XLC Rear Wheel Mudguard MG-C24, also available as set MG-C25