XLC Expositor-soporte para bicis VS-F08 para 1 bicicleta, hasta 29"

SKU: 2502605410
38,95 €


A fantastic way of keeping your bike safe or for securely displaying bikes in your shop’s showroom, the XLC Parking Stand For 1 Bicycle VS-F08 promises a sturdy and reliable solution. It can be used as either a display stand or a parking stand for customers or at home. This stand is packed with features including a folding, lockable mechanism to minimise the risk of theft or damage. It has a wide base of 35 x 35mm making it a sturdy stand you can prop your bikes on with confidence. It also includes adjustable tyre fixing to keep your bike in place on the shop floor. There is also the option of mounting the wheel to the stand.


Destacado 1
suitable for use as display stand or sales display
Destacado 2
foldable, locking mechanism
Destacado 3
wide foot (35 x 35mm)
additionally adjustable tyre fixing for secure standing
Destacado 5
option of wheel mounting