XLC Espejo para bici MR-K19 fijación interior, redondo Ø 62mm

SKU: 2503250050
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The XLC bike mirror MR-K19 is the perfect addition for the safety-conscious cyclist. This accessory gives the rider the ability to check their surroundings, see what is coming up behind them and safely change lanes whilst being aware of other road users. This handlebar-mounted mirror is ideal for commuters or city riders using flat, riser or hybrid handlebars. Mounting inside the handlebar, the inner aluminium clamp is suitable for bars with an internal diameter between 14.8and 22.5 mm and is constructed using a nylon shell and rod. The shatterproof stainless steel mirror is sure to stand up to anything your commute can throw at it, and the 180-degree folding angle and 360 degrees rotatable angle will allow you to fine-tune your mirror for optimum visibility.


Destacado 1
for handlebar inner clamp 14.8-22.5 mm
Destacado 2
aluminium clamp, nylon shell, nylon rod
Destacado 3
shatterproof stainless steel mirror
3D adjustable, 180° folding angle, 360° rotatable
Destacado 5
incl. additional reflector