XLC Espejo MR-K03 Ø 60mm

SKU: 2503240200
10,95 €


The XLC Bike Mirror MR-K03 will become a reliable friend as you explore the city or the countryside, keeping you abreast of what’s going on on the road or path behind you. Suitable for e-bikes, the mirror is universally mountable and can be attached to your bike's stem, handlebar or suspension fork. The diameter of the bar you're attaching the mirror to must be between 22.2–33mm.The mirror itself is 60mm across and slightly convex, giving you a good view of what’s going on behind you. It offers 360° rotation and 20° of adjustment in the angle, making it usable with 99.9% of riders and riding positions. The mirror is made with shatterproof glass so that, if you are involved in a collision that damages the mirror, it will break more safely with a smaller risk factor.


Destacado 1
also perfectly suitable for eBike-certified handlebar with reduced internal diameter
Destacado 2
360° rotatable, 20° angle adjustable
Destacado 3
convex, shatter-proof mirror glass
universal mounting options, e.g. stem, handlebar, suspension fork, etc.