XLC City/Comfort pedal PD-C25 Alloy, black

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19,95 €


The XLC PD-C25 pedal is designed with city comfort in mind and has various perks to back up the claim. Its flat shape and ease of use help with stability and rider comfort. Therefore, it is ideal for use on city/trekking bikes, especially riders beginning their fitness journey thanks to the anti-slip surface. The XLC PD-C25 city comfort pedal is constructed from a polypropylene plastic body and aluminium cage with a boron axle and has dimensions of 111x90x24 mm. As well as these details, the city comfort pedal also has an adjustable cone bearing with 14 3/32 balls. This goes some way to reducing the overall weight that the set will add to your bike. It has approved access to traffic regulations thanks to the rear reflector.


Destacado 1
plastic body
Destacado 2
Aluminium cage
Destacado 3
Boron axle
adjustable, reduced weight cone bearing, 14 3/32 balls
Destacado 5
anti-slip surface