XLC Calas PD-X04 adecuado p. pedal XLC Look, 9°, rojo

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If you’re looking to supercharge your pedalling power, the XLC PD-X04 plate sets for LOOK systems may be exactly what you need. These cleat sets lock your feet in place on your pedals and help you transfer as much energy as possible. By keeping your shoes attached, the cleats not only help you stay stable as you shift your weight around, but also encourage a more circular tread. Giving you the ability to pull your pedals upward as well as push makes for a stronger pedal and a more efficient transfer of energy.The XLC PD-X04 cleats have a look adapter, making them compatible with the majority of bike shoes. Suitable for XLC system pedals.


Destacado 1
cleat sets, in pairs
Destacado 2
suitable for XLC system pedals
Destacado 3
Look compatible 9°