XLC Bidón Kids WB-K14 350ml portabidón incluido 'flowers'

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If you're starting to introduce your youngsters to the joys of bike riding, then make sure they're properly hydrated with the XLC water bottle kids WB-K14. The rotatable bottle cage included with the bottle makes it simple and easy for small hands to get their drinks bottle from their bikes and enjoy a quick drink. The soft spout is gentle on small teeth and will allow your kids to learn how to ride and drink at the same time. The small, 350ml size keeps the bottle lightweight and easy for smaller hands to use when out riding with their family. Available in both pink and blue, the XLC water bottle kids WB-K14 is sure to be a winner for everybody.


Destacado 1
water bottle for kids
Destacado 2
with soft spout
Destacado 3
350 ml
incl. rotatable bottle cage
Destacado 5
EN71-1,2.3 - Directive 2002/72/EC, food safe
Cloruro De Polivinilo
Capacidad de la botella (ml)