XLC bell DD-M29 light-pink

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The modern-looking XLC DD-M29 mini-bicycle bell is the perfect accessory if you are looking for a stylish bell with a loud tone. Made from copper with a brass sound body, the bell offers a very loud ring tone at 90 decibels. The bells size means that it takes up little space on the handlebars. It is especially well-suited for e-bikes due to its size, design, and very loud ring tone. The colour range of the bicycle bell includes blue, red, lime green, yellow, pink and a sleek black design. The lightweight bicycle bell is just 24 g and attaches to the handlebar via a flexible loop mounting system. This allows the 45 mm XLC DD-M29 bicycle bell to have an attachment diameter range of 19.2 – 31.8 mm.


Destacado 1
flat mini bell in trending colours
Destacado 2
modern design
Destacado 3
flexible loop mounting suitable for Ø 19.2 - 31.8mm
size: Ø 45 mm
Destacado 5
very loud ring tone, 90 decibels
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