cover 2in1 f. XLC kids' trailer Mono², f. XLC Mono (3092009025)

SKU: 3092009025
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Keep your trailer covered with the BS-X05 two-in-one cover for a child’s bike trailer from XLC . This is just one accessory in a wide range of trailer and cycling components made by the brand. The BS-X05 can be used with the following models of bike trailers, also made and sold by XLC: XLC Mono² and XLC Duo² from 2016, or the XLC Mono and XLC Duo from 2014. Please check your trailer’s compatibility before making a purchase. This two in one cover fits neatly over your XLC child trailer to keep them safe from the rain and wind, as well as you being able to make sure they are safe in one place so you can focus on riding.


Destacado 1
cover 2in1 for child’s bike trailer XLC Mono² / Duo² from 2016
Destacado 2
cover 2in1 for child’s bike trailer XLC Mono / Duo from 2014